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Altomare Pleads to Stay out of MCC

In a typical 11th hour filing Altomare has submitted to Judge Lynch a request to stay his imprisionment pending yet another evidentiary hearing. Never mind that he has had over a year to compose documents showing his inability to pay, and received millions in income from unknown sources. Never mind that he has to date been completely uncooperative in providing personal records. He had a change of heart and just needs a little more time.

The filing was submitted to PACER on May 1. Altomare is due to report to the MCC on May 2. Let's hope that the judge is not amused.

JUST IN-Tifford's typically masterful appeal
Motion For Stay

Altomare Whine o davit

Altomare Credit Line Details

The Judge was not amused. RA turns himself in today for jail, or an arrest warrant is issued.
Order Denying Motion and Issuing Slapdown